Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The departure

This is my first blog and on it I learned a lot of great new info about blogging. But since  there were some tehnical difficulties I have decided that I shall be moving my outpores of thought processes and interested in music or literature somewhere else so I setup a new blog that you can follow as well for it is also a public blog. This has also been followed with some pauses in posting on here [which resulted in me being only able to post about Baraka here]. Those that know my posts, the new blog will feel like at home. Posts there will be shorter, more to the point and I do hope that will help me achieve one of the main ideas behind blogging - editing my rampant thoughs.

For those that decide not to follow me there, I wish you best of luck. If I get the time I might reconfigure this blog into something else later on, but for now, I can't maintain the two blogs. Hopa all of you understand.

Best of luck and I hope to see you at Bite Size Thoughts

In the course of the next few days I will try to get those that I followed on the list on my regular Gmail account.

Be well.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Today I bring you something I watched a few days ago and that made me shed a man-tear

Be sure you are alone, that you watch it in HD, that it's dark so there is no glare on the monitor and that the sound is nearing maximum


Sunday, March 6, 2011

And suddenly, monkeys everywhere.

This will be the part one of two part post about monkeys. This one will be dedicated to a cage, a banana, some electricity and three groups of monkeys. Actually they are apes, but monkey sounds much better.

Once upon a time there was this cage and the first group of monkeys and a banana on the top of the stairs in the cage. What our little monkeys are about to find out is that when ever a monkey gets up and takes a banana from the top of the cage the rest that are one the lower levels get electrocuted. And we all know monkeys don't want to be electrocuted. Ofcourse, after a while they understood a patter and developed a new social behaviour that was there to protect the group. Who ever tried to go to the banana was attacked and killed. No one was to even approach the stairs. After a while, when enough monkeys were killed, the first group of monkeys settled down and no one even tried to get up there. All was well.

Touch me! I know you want to.

And for a time, it was good. But then the malicious scientists introduced a new group of monkeys to this first one. New, young monkeys that were let into the cage. The young monkeys had to learn fast how did the first group function for they wanted to be integrated. Everything was as they expected except that everyone would go berzerk and into a killing frenzy when a new monkey would try to answer to call of the curved yellow goodness that stood atop the stairs in the cage. After a while, the new monkeys learned not to go to that section of the cage and everything was well. As with every great story, as soon as things get calmer, you need to shake the pot again. That is exactly what scientists did. But this time ther removed the first group from the cage. The group that knew why was it killing it's members if they gave out a sign that they might go up the stairs. Only then they introduced a new group of apes into the cage.

What do you think happened?

Simple - the second group of monkeys maintained the status quo of killing monkeys even when they didn't know why they should do that. The scientists turn off the electicity and monkeys still persisted in their behaviour...

Status quo needed to be maintained no matter what, and those that questioned why were killed on the spot.
Are we still talking about monkeys in a cage?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spaced out. Space in you.

When faced with the travel from the center of the city towards the suburbs where I live or when ever I do move in the large crowds without the headphones, I often turn my 1st mind off and kinda stop caring about the patter seeking Thinker.

When I do this I notice a nice rhythm in almost everything around me. It's the Thinker of the 2nd mind seeking patters that I really don't have to relate to. It's seeking patterns for the fun of seeking them. Nothing else. They don't have to mean anything, just be there. And from this noise nice sounds emerge. It's funny how stuff that are not meant to be musical sounds can become that for their only nature is that they are sound and we, the silly humans, try to mold them into categories for no reason at all.

Here are some examples on how this kind of sounds, cutouts can be combined into something great, amusing, relaxing and even nostalgic. Hope you enjoy.

How do you like these?
Do you know similar artists?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Word of the now: Castration

Two things are evident

~Male principle can be defined as the dynamic and active one.
~The world of today is neither dynamic in the fields it should be nor is it active when that is most needed.

Now, I'm not saying that the womenly, passive and transformative principle is going to doom us all, but a healthy relationship and rotation is needed. Furthermore, I believe it would be unfare and unreasonable to expect a wast dynamic surge of active energy from the femkind.

So, when talking about the lacking of the present state of things, you will inevitably come to a conclusion that the reason for this status quo is the castration of those that are now in their prime. And it ain't gonna get better over time. This is also obvious if you look around. From emos to hipsters to todays tough guys, tomorrows social cases, you can see that the times aren't so great for us, dudes. You can either grow long hair and spend more and more time at the barber shop (oups, hair-style sallon) or compensate for your lacking by being a nucklehead. Either way, when you get to a point to spread your wings, you will tumble down.

That is, if you don't muster your dynamic, active energy and create your own choice, your own reality. A reality that needs to be everchanging and evergreen to flex your mind. A reality that can transform you and that can be transformed by you.

If we perceive a healthy relationship between any two principles, we must see that both of those need to be able to function on their own so that they can function as a whole. Otherwise, those kind of relations grow into a dependance or habits, and there is no dynamic spark now truth there.

I will continue to talk about this for I believe that some monkey experiments need to be talked about and reminded about, that the role of the active principle needs to be reexamined and that we need to talk about differents plains on which an alpha male can exist.

Until then, move, act, do.

Be well

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eyes of men. Eyes of women.

Say you are a man. Go to google or where ever and seek out a nice artistic and sexy picture of a female. Look at her, admire her curves, the smile, the hair and drool a bit if you must. She is perfect in every way, from head to toe, cute cheeks, nice little nose, pinkish lips and other stuff, lovely hips and she farts flower petals.
How did she get to the point of the photoshoot? Well, she just did. She was born and twenty or so years later there she is. When you try to imagine stuff from there, it's kinda hard because you always return to the point of that picture and you need to start over.

Now make a paradigme shift. You are in a state of a female mind, and if you can't really understand it, don't worry, no one does. You are a female and you are looking at a picture of a male model. You can see you self going over his body and from what I have heard women do find it easier to advance from one picture to a series of mental ones with ease. Also, you are aware of all the work that went into him. Diets, sessions in the gym and other workouts, a fresh shave and stuff like that. From the thing he did five years ago to the parfume you imagined he put on seconds before.

For a man observing a woman the "product" that she is now is pure genes and some work.
For a woman, it's the other way around for they are more able to see the transformative potential. I attach that to the miracle of transformation that happens in women.

As the mating game goes this always repeating phenomenon of duality has some interesting effects.

First off, females either have "it" or don't in the eyes of the men. Fake spunk isn't something that can pass with every male that has any traces of self-confidence but still... All this does leave men vunerable to illusions since what she is at that moment must be mostly natural. Our somewhat atavistic bits us on the ass. We seek out appealing shapes and paterns in the body of the opposite sex and sometimes we get enticed with more marketing then true value.
Guys on the other hand shouldn't excel in being OVERLY buffed for that can be an indication of lacking in other areas or possibly of spending too much time for one activity so other ones suffer. Don't be too fancy because you will look like someone who spends hours in front of a mirror. Don't talk too much, but maintain the conversation. Don't be a smartass, but show me you know your way around many fields of mental improvement. Don't lack, don't over do it!

I know... Damn women :D

Bottom line is.

Men seek idols.
Women seek well rounded pack.

For these reasons men have a set list of desired attributes and can be endiced by illusions while women don't actually know exactly what they want. This further on results that females seek out the morphing potential and yet enough stiffness (pun intended) so that she can see if you are in that section of the attributes she wants.

If you lack in some area, show her it's not because you are lazy, but because you exceled in other fields. Demonstrate your true value!
If you, as a girl, lack the ability to be made into an idol, and I am not talking about only physical visage, tough luck. Lower your standards or pray on those not aware of their true value :D

Final note: There are no leagues, but guys be picky, just because you can!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Discourse of those capable and those in power

When ever I hear words such as rights or democracy I shiver in discus. Not because I am an against the freedom of this and that but because of the abuse of these so called civilization marvels is taking a big toll on humanity.

A quantum leap towards the idea that rights and freedom are there for all, but that you should to achieve them is needed. A move towards the idea that those rights and freedoms are privileges for the brave and the bold. If you are going to be in the flock, call your self properly. If you are going to take your own life into your own hands, call your self properly. It's this "equality" that is giving the illusion to some and reducing the value of others.

We have seen trough the ages the apparent discourse between those that rule and those that are capable. First that there were more of those that were capable then those that made decisions and today that those that can make a decision for you are far from capable to make decisions for them self. Both are wrong, both are dangerous, and yet we are so afraid to say something that might be considered autocratic that we would rather push to our own demise that waits for us one the other site of the teeter totter.

As somebody who is against the idea of unilateral logic, I cannot say that there is one answer, but I know that the answer is not to charge into oblivion. If you are one a surf board you need to correct your stature all the time and not lean to one side out of pure stubbornness or madness. Also, as a surf rider, you must need to be aware that the stability can be achieved in many points and not in one, but only if you are ready to go in all directions. To move organically and not in a linear manner.

For this, every unit of thought must be independent and not follow other like a mindless sheep. Feel good about your self, with your self. Feel better with others. But don't follow mindlessly so you are not alone because you will never be! If Yin was to let go, Yang would overflow. If Yin was too aggressive, Yang might falter. Respect other ideas, don't follow them if you don't, BUT FOR PETTY SAKE, FOLLOW YOUR OWN. If you are strong enough the Yin/Yang barrier might or might not burst. If you are too rigid, the everlasting movement will stop and you will lost the point of being. If you let go, you will be flooded even if others don't push. Void must not appear.

Don't build walls, don't tare them down completely. As the mystics of the east would say, be formless like water, but still be.

When this happens on a mass scale. A massive personal revolution, then we can have the social (r)evolution. I wouldn't mind democracy if it was implemented (my though is the same about most of the religions as well - great if implemented, but where is it been used?) in a time where people can actually support it.

Society, civilization, humanity needs to backtrack a bit and let those capable to lead it towards the future take the helm so that it could go forwards.

Think about the stuff you are against and why?
Is it based in reality or is it because you were told to think in that way?
Are you able to be either an Atlas or Prometheus and if so are you doing what you can do achieve the highs needed?

Be well