Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The departure

This is my first blog and on it I learned a lot of great new info about blogging. But since  there were some tehnical difficulties I have decided that I shall be moving my outpores of thought processes and interested in music or literature somewhere else so I setup a new blog that you can follow as well for it is also a public blog. This has also been followed with some pauses in posting on here [which resulted in me being only able to post about Baraka here]. Those that know my posts, the new blog will feel like at home. Posts there will be shorter, more to the point and I do hope that will help me achieve one of the main ideas behind blogging - editing my rampant thoughs.

For those that decide not to follow me there, I wish you best of luck. If I get the time I might reconfigure this blog into something else later on, but for now, I can't maintain the two blogs. Hopa all of you understand.

Best of luck and I hope to see you at Bite Size Thoughts

In the course of the next few days I will try to get those that I followed on the list on my regular Gmail account.

Be well.

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