Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Discourse of those capable and those in power

When ever I hear words such as rights or democracy I shiver in discus. Not because I am an against the freedom of this and that but because of the abuse of these so called civilization marvels is taking a big toll on humanity.

A quantum leap towards the idea that rights and freedom are there for all, but that you should to achieve them is needed. A move towards the idea that those rights and freedoms are privileges for the brave and the bold. If you are going to be in the flock, call your self properly. If you are going to take your own life into your own hands, call your self properly. It's this "equality" that is giving the illusion to some and reducing the value of others.

We have seen trough the ages the apparent discourse between those that rule and those that are capable. First that there were more of those that were capable then those that made decisions and today that those that can make a decision for you are far from capable to make decisions for them self. Both are wrong, both are dangerous, and yet we are so afraid to say something that might be considered autocratic that we would rather push to our own demise that waits for us one the other site of the teeter totter.

As somebody who is against the idea of unilateral logic, I cannot say that there is one answer, but I know that the answer is not to charge into oblivion. If you are one a surf board you need to correct your stature all the time and not lean to one side out of pure stubbornness or madness. Also, as a surf rider, you must need to be aware that the stability can be achieved in many points and not in one, but only if you are ready to go in all directions. To move organically and not in a linear manner.

For this, every unit of thought must be independent and not follow other like a mindless sheep. Feel good about your self, with your self. Feel better with others. But don't follow mindlessly so you are not alone because you will never be! If Yin was to let go, Yang would overflow. If Yin was too aggressive, Yang might falter. Respect other ideas, don't follow them if you don't, BUT FOR PETTY SAKE, FOLLOW YOUR OWN. If you are strong enough the Yin/Yang barrier might or might not burst. If you are too rigid, the everlasting movement will stop and you will lost the point of being. If you let go, you will be flooded even if others don't push. Void must not appear.

Don't build walls, don't tare them down completely. As the mystics of the east would say, be formless like water, but still be.

When this happens on a mass scale. A massive personal revolution, then we can have the social (r)evolution. I wouldn't mind democracy if it was implemented (my though is the same about most of the religions as well - great if implemented, but where is it been used?) in a time where people can actually support it.

Society, civilization, humanity needs to backtrack a bit and let those capable to lead it towards the future take the helm so that it could go forwards.

Think about the stuff you are against and why?
Is it based in reality or is it because you were told to think in that way?
Are you able to be either an Atlas or Prometheus and if so are you doing what you can do achieve the highs needed?

Be well


  1. it works like this
    the good ones (we) are always right
    the bad ones (the others) are always wrong

    so censoring in china = bad
    censoring in germany (where i live) = good protecting minorities
    and so on

  2. those in power the has-beens. what the world soon uniting to be one. we fall prey to political power.

  3. What this is silly, I completely disagree. No one has the moral authority to decide who deserves rights, and no one would ever count them-self among "the flock"

  4. I don't think humanity can survive without a huge struggle for power between the west and eastern worlds. New groundrules need to be layed out for the future.

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  6. Very good read, hopefully more people start to see/realize your points.

  7. If only more people saw it like you...

  8. Interesting, but unconvincing.

    If this came from someone on the bottom rungs of human achievement, or someone who had worked their way up from same, fair enough -- but it doesn't. You may think you are justified in calling yourself an Atlas, but I would bet a million dollars you are:


    Even if I'm completely wrong about the first three (enjoy your $600K), I'm not wrong about the last two. You can raise whatever objections you want, but you're literate and have access to a computer. Those two alone put you in the topmost fraction of a fraction of humanity in terms of privilege and wealth.

    Most humans are illiterate. Most humans live on less than one dollar per day. Most humans have no rights to speak of, earned or otherwise -- a quarter of the species are Chinese peasant farmers, for God's sake.

    You were born into 90% of everything you have, by sheer dumb luck. You've probably never been beaten by policemen. You've probably never gone without food for more than 24 hours. You've probably travelled more than a mile from where you were born during your life. You've probably VOTED.

    So, don't sit in front of your computer screen wearing your store-bought clothes, not worrying about your next meal, and tell me rights have to be earned. You aren't Atlas. You're Bacchus. Make the best of it.

  9. WoW... Ad Hominem much?

    Let's ignore the fact that I grew up in a state of war and that something that is in the "civilized world" considered a minimal wage is average here.

    Maybe, just maybe because I have seen the best and the worst of both worlds (the privileged and the not so lucky) I got a feeling that some deserve better and some don't.

    As a young member of fading middle class, I have helped where I could, but I have saw that the whole humanity is one organism and that you need to (at least) at your own region work on all social/economical/education levels to hope for a nunge in a good direction.

    In around 7-10 years things will start moving and shaking. It will be bad enough for most of the population that people will rebel. That is the moment I feel I was born for (Sponsored by Destiny as I like to say) and I will give back one way or another to the Universe for what I recieved.

    Lamenting over the dire faith has never been something I was good at. Staying still and just watching isn't neither. I won't burn out my self on little things for I know that I can achieve more. For this ability that I recieved by sheer dumb luck, I am thankful. For that I feel obliged to do, to act and this is what I will do.

    We have all been parasites for at least 9 months. Some can afford to stay that way a bit longer. What you make of it is what counts.

    For now, I'd rather have this will of mine and the feeling of the Divine Spark rather then to let go and wait for someone else to fix things that bother me.

    I thank you for your post and I plea you for faith in the future, for that is one thing that EVERY human being wants.

    Be well

  10. Fair points all. Apologies for my tone; I just quit smoking and haven't a drop of dopamine in my brain :)

    Your blog is fascinating and I hope you keep writing. At some point when I'm saner I'll have more worthwhile things to say.