Monday, February 28, 2011

Squealing Sinus

Squealing sinus is definitely one of the best alarms in the world. Would be a perfect alarm clock if you could time it. The sounds, the vibration and the unique depressurization feeling would wake the dead. I guess that is all right cause I can't really add my self to "the living" category.

Ah well, when I am awake, I could get up - I tell my self.

The debating tournament is over, last debate was rather bad, but since we were in the National Assembly, it was interesting and fun. The best team won, but since no one cares about that, the party was soon to follow with an open bar and free beer, vodka, gin, wine, soft drinks and some other stuff. Needless to say that everyone was soon so pissed that they could speak Irish.

I was most pleased to see that the time my mate and my self put into being annoying with the repeated singing of the Duck Sauce's most famous part of their most popular song gave results. Those that got drunk first [aka the organizers] took the mic and started humming before every announcement. Those that were still either sober or were coherent were so annoyed! The little sadist in me was very pleased. Also, for me, this is a great example of imposing and creating the section of reality that no one could escape.

The list of funny/crazy stuff that happened is too long to be contain in one (or even many posts) and I am really not in the mood to make another blog just for it. You will be delivered the most amusing moments over the course of the next few days.

For now I want to celebrate the greatness of this weekend, the Sun that is melting the snow (take that Yeti!!), the 8 hours of sleep I got and that I am able to write coherently.

Also - Freedom of choice, INCOMING.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

27.02. & the androgynous beings

I shall presume most of you read "the Feast (or about Love)" by Plato and that you know what androgynous beings are.

For those that don't, they were powerful and beautiful ball like creatures consistent of a male and a female entity. As they were consumed by vanity, Zeus decided to split them in two. This is one of the myths in Greek mythology that explains the creation of a men and women. They say that every "ball", after being split was deep in despair and that one half always seeks the other.

On this date in 2010. I met my Second Half. The thing we have is beautiful but not easy since it's a long distance relationship, but it's worth it. Now, Imma evade going into how she makes me feel and all that stuff. She knows and you really don't need to have that info ;)
It's been a year now that I trully feel complete.

I hope you people find someone like this in your life.
Best of wishes to all of you.

Side note - her friends that are in my town now for the debating competition told me that they will kill me if we ever break up :D

3 down, only 2 more to go... And I don't feel my legs

Saturday was fun. Got up at 8am, went to the university after breakfast, debated until 8pm with a brief lunch break, had organized dinner and off to one of the best clubs in my city!

To make stuff even more interesting, from 10pm till midnight we treated the guests with a ride in one of these wired with disco lights and speakers and loaded with vodka, beer, wine and Red Bull.
Needless to say it was beyond mindblowing.

Then to the electro-house club where most of the people finished off their "get shitfaced drunk" do to reminder. Dancing, laughing and all that. Great fun all in all.

As now is 4am on Sunday and I need to be in 6 hours on my uni for more debates and the finals in the House of the National Parlament, I think I will skip off to bed and try to
get enough sleep to function for 36 more hours.

As for the blog, that means another two days of short posts and little activity. I hope you all forgive me for that. I'll catch up on both mine and yours blog as soon as possible.
Until then, beside sucking moisture off a duck, tell me, if you did Jung personality test, which type are you.

ENTJ, aka ze Fieldmarshal here!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

2nd party in a row, only 3 more to go...

Another late night/early morning

Damn Yeti, almost got me...

The largest European debating competition has started in my town. As a participant, I will be drawn away from the blog for the weekend but will return in style on Mon/Thu ;)
250 people, 15 countries and great hosts, us!

The motto of the debaters is simple. Debate hard, party harder. I can vouch that people that thought of this only wanted an excuse to travel around with minimal cost, get high, get drunk, engage in coitus and just repeat it all over again. So, if you are from Europe and go to an university, ask around and join this lunatic central :D
Today, an Irish man said in the City Hall in from of everyone + some officials that man should be worth twice as women :D (This house would trade babies in an open market - that was the motion).

So, until I return, I leave you with two thinks.

Again a song and a request.

~If you think that is an interesting topic that I could write about in an interesting/informative/thoughtful/silly way, leave the idea in a comment.

As for a song

I saw a man upon the stairs,
A little man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today;
Gee, I wish he'd go away!

Be well
Stay safe
Don't let the Yeti get ya!

and... Feed my fishes for me ;)

Friday, February 25, 2011


First of, I am pleasently surprized by the number of answers to the Freedom of Choice post. Might have to make an opus of the posts and to post my own thoughts faster then I thought.

Secondly, I barelly got home this evening. It's been snowing here for 3 days straight and will continue for at least two more days. Is someone has husky dog in powder that I just need to add water to and wait 5 minutes until my very own pack appears, please send them over the tubes :D

If I stop posting, I have been probably eaten by a freaking Yeti.

Thou, it is beautiful, when you look at the parks.

And for the end, here is a song for all you nice folks out there.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You think this will rhyme
But it ain't gonna.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Choice. Freedom. Be sure to comment.

Let's do a little test.

Tell me in a few lines what do you perceive as the true FREEDOM OF CHOICE?

For those that are having the trouble with cutting your thought into bite size chunks, this might help:

If you are offered following choices
А) Insert random choice here
Б) Insert another random choice here
В) Insert yet another random choice here

What would for you be the freedom of choice in this situation?

Imma leave this here, continue with some other posts and return to this subject in a few days.

Happy posting ;)

Treeless forest and Sanity Eclipse

I am not sure if you ever had this wish, my fellow reader, but I know it was on my mind for every birthday for ages.

Image you are a little turtle that builds arrow, Tesla or mortar towers out of trees so you can fend off the hordes of sheep, spiders, bats, rock giants and bumblebee looking things that are trying to eliminate your young
On top of that, since you are a cool turtle, you also like to dance which is rather handy since you upgrade your towers in that manner.

One day, while I was at my best mates flat, I was introduced to the game of my dreams! If I can't be a dancing-tower-building turtle in real life, I can be on the screen and the precious PS3.

Greeting Pixel Junk Monsters!!!

Since I did spend a part of my life glued to a monitor, the tower defense mechanics were easy to grasp, and after 3 levels we decided to reset, start in multiplayer and go for the rainbows. Pretty pretty rainbows that are a sign that you preserved your young fully and totally.

After a few hours we were hitting some harder levels, but nothing too strong. You need a cannon for sheep, arrow for spiders, anti-air for bats, lasers for bumblebees [of sweet bumblebees] and so on.

Then that fateful moment arrived - the Treeless Forest. Since you can only build towers where trees are, this means that the number of trees and their position determins where and how many towers you can build and dance in.

This level had 4. Luckly, the mobs were moving around those trees in an shape of a number 8 (well... it looked like a cross of an 8 and DNA).

For those that skipped my intro post, I tend to fall apart mentally after I suffer even the slightest sleep deprevation.

After MANY trial and errors were were nearing the final boss. Every resource had to be balanced, no second could be wasted. Finally, at around 4am in the morning [I usually get into my Sanity Eclipse mood around 3am] we were about to finish the level with a perfect score. My mate was really annoyed because of my repeated screaming of "BUMBLEBEEeee!!!". We put down the the controllers and were just going to wait as the huuuuge rock golem falls to our barrage of upgraded mortars.
Lots of health and low speed on that dude so the wait was long and took a tool on both of us.

Less then 5cm for the fat fudge packer to go over and its over. 4cm... then so close that his shadow is upon our young, but we can't see his HP on the healthbar


The power went out. Yup, a blackout that did last for the 10 minutes or so.
Progress lost. We sat there for a few seconds thinking that our own minds shut down and that that's the reason for the sudden darkness.

Then - a ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu moment follow by a hysterical laughter that exploded into us both sticking our heads out of the window (5th floor building in the center of my city).

After the power returned we were just looking at each other and laughing how mentally decayed the other one is.

Quite a night, I tell ya!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Thinker and the Prover

Many things that I am going to write will be influence by the great work of Robert Anton Wilson "Prometheus Rising". Among the multitude of insights given in this book (which I will cover over time), the idea of separating the Ratio into a Thinker and a Prover really stands out.

"What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves"

Prover is an easy dude to understand - he is in a patter finding/applying business. He needs to be given a pattern to that he can seek moments in our reality to sync them with. For example, earth beneath my feet is flat and isn't moving, while the Sun goes from one side to another. Simple conclusion is that the Earth is flat, that it's static [and maybe in the center of the universe], that the Sun goes around it and that the entity that is Sun has to fight some giant snake that is beneath the Earth, probably somewhere between the elephants and the cosmic turtle.

Now, the Thinker is the interesting one. He is the source of ideas, possible patterns and also the one to gather and sort the info gained from the Prover. Thinker is the one that thinks of a possibility that Earth is flat and on the back of a four elephants which in turn stand on a turtle that swims trough space.

Sounds simple - and it is!
But why is this relevant to you?

Think about it, you and everyone you know have this mechanism in your mind. Well, no big surprise there.
Now, take the next step and try this - When ever thinking about your ideas or principle see why have they formed in the manner they did. What was the Prover out to find and why did the thinker favor that one pattern over another? Also, when ever talking with someone, try to understand their Thinker rather then to approach the conversation as we almost always do - that my Prover is bigger then yours.

Once you have moved pass the idea that the Prover and the pattern at hand is the most important subject and the idea that your Prover is superior to others', you will be able to connect your thinker to the Thinker of a person you are talking to.

When that happens you will be able to meow at your conversational partner and you will still understand each other.

Heyoka Enters World... Casualties Heavy

A few years back I was lucky enough to meet a med student from Boston area online. He was an absolute riot.
After a while we started sharing some projects and one of the stuff he sent me was this text. I am not sure if this is his original IP, but I shall still present this as his own work

Heyoka Enters World... Casualties Heavy

My Fiancee took me outside today, I simply don't know how you cope
with this foreign place. This scary and nightmarish carnival ride. I
suppose my enforced exodus was inevitable, She had been growing
increasingly concerned about my pleasingly pale pallor but I suppose
the proverbial straw that broke the camels back was my planned war
against the surface dwellers. I think she's over reacting, one comment
about "My Precious" and it's suddenly time for fresh air.

I know that many of you are so accustomed to this hell world that you
think noting of opening your doors, It's as if you had been raised in
a Colorado super max… you think that everybody is afraid to pick up
the soap and every home has acoustics perfect for echoing the screams
of snitches off the walls.

I base my loathing of this "Outside" on three basic factors.

1. Sun
2. People
3. Drivers

First lets talk of this Sun you have, this wicked daystar that gazes
down from the heavens like the awakened eye of a wrathful god. How can
people find it so cheerful and inspiring? After all exposure to it
brings about epidermal burning, followed by cancer, and ending with
dehydration and death.

I mean really, the only was that this stellar object could proclaim
it's malevolent nature more forcefully is if it wrapped itself in
barbed wire and spat burning caltrops upon the inhabitants below. Even
then people would no doubt find someway to turn it into an object of
veneration, though perhaps with a greater emphasis on human sacrifice
and less on spring break.

"Hey Steven"
"Ya Gorge?"
"You Know that burning orb in the sky?"
"You mean the one that you cannot look at lest you go blind, nor stand
under lest you burn?"
"Ya that one"
"What about it?"
"I think we should worship it"

I blame the liberal television networks. Children are exposed to
mind-rotting children's programming that imposes a smiley face on this
blazing ball of extraterrestrial evil and convinces us early on that
this is simply a natural universal object rather then a blazing hammer
posed to smite us from existence for the amusement of an elder god
residing in the lightness abyss of the cosmic void.

Of course no matter how hateful the light of day may be, it pales in
comparison to the damaging nature of my fellow man. I'd gladly go
skinny-dipping in a defunct Chernobyl reactor pool then spend a moment
longer then necessary in the teeming masses.

Trying to single down a paltry few factors to list as reasons behind
my hatred is making my ears bleed. I hate them for calling a small
coffee "Grande", for letting their offspring run wild in the shopping
centers, and for thinking that $5.99 is somehow significantly less
then $6.00.

But I suppose my hatred first expressed itself when I was sitting
quite peaceably minding my own business when I overheard the following
statement… "But if it's orange, how will we put the wheels on?"

At first it refused to register, it was a statement so illogical that
it simple refused to compute, it went in circles around my cortex
ratting about and upsetting the crockery, and by the time it had
trickled down to my conscious and I whirled about to ask for an
explanation, whoever had uttered this conversational time bomb had
moved on.

Now it torments me, draining my intellectual processing power like a
spiritual leech, my mind feverishly over clocking trying to find a
context where such a statement could possibly be used. Each failure
causing internal bleeding and a burning hatred of any species that
could utter such a sentence.

One day, years from now my loved ones will be standing around my
deathbed waiting for my last pearl of wisdom and I shall utter unto
them "But if it's orange, how will we put the wheels on?"… My head
will then explode spattering them with blood and less noble fluids… I
take a strange comfort in that.

The last leg of my trifecta of hatred is that in an urban environment
anywhere you want to be is not where you currently are. Thus the need
for a personal vehicle, which wouldn't be so bad if everyone else
didn't feel the need as well. The human race as a whole and the
American subset as a case example has the belief that everyone should
follow the traffic laws scrupulously… other then them.

There is a unique thrill to barrel down the highway with a
tractor-trailer so close to your rear that the respective atoms of
your bumpers begin to share electrons. Blinker use is of course
optional and a red glare in the traffic light is a signal to floor it
and hope for the best.

Many of you no doubt think that my hatred of drivers should be covered
under the section on "people" (and I use the term loosely.) But my
point is that when you wrap an idiot in metric ton of steel and hurdle
them down the highway at something akin to the speed of sound they
become something more then an idiot, they become a super idiot. an
uber fool…. In other words a driver.

They transform into a sum greater then their parts, with a bellow of
"By Our Powers Combined" they join their moron potential together and
form a blazing sword of idiocy with to punish their fellow road
inhabitant. I suppose we should be grateful that they don't briefly
become naked before donning a skintight outfit. One gaze at the obese
contents of a minivan sheathed in gleaming latex would be a fate worse
then enforced attendance at a Uwe Boll film.

And that is why I will not be rejoining the human race in this outer
area you all seem to frequent. I know that my love will be briefly
annoyed to find that some neighbor hood child (now $5 richer) has
super glued our locks, but I can only hope that the slashing of her
tires distracts her from this minor annoyance.

It's war surface dwellers… it's war….

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cogito et Credo

ut intelligam
ut agaim
ut vivam

I believe
so I can understand
so I can act [do]
so I can live

Everything is based on faith.
On pure faith, that is.

Modern science seems to be faithless, but is it? Scientific method relies on measures that have been invented by humans to fit their senses. Measures that are nothing but meaningless symbols until they go trough our senses and are decoded and interpreted by our Ratio. Ratio that is the has been proven that it can be tricked with logical and other paradoxes. So we have faith in our measures and instruments, in our senses and in our Ratio mechanism so that we come to a solid scientifically proven "fact".
And you want to tell me that there is no room for pure faith in technology!

You cannot be sure you are sitting there where you are sitting, reading what you are reading, even that you exist in the form you are familiar with.
Think about it. You believe all this stuff without thinking and take them for granted, but when you start to question it, you start to see it's actually an act of faith that your mind believes you are where you are and what you are.

Try thinking about breathing and you will see that you will need a few seconds for the auto-pilot to regain control.

Also, you are not blinking automatically.
Isn't that nice?

Ascend, Atlas

Why Atlas?

Someone once said that there are two kinds of people in this world. Those that separate people into groups and those that do not.

Personally, I use a lot of "archetypes" on a lot of planes of observation when looking at a person, but one of the most important distinctions I make is the Sons of Iapetus.
Epimetheus, Menoetius and Atlas.
-Prometheus, the one that thinks ahead, the creator of humanity and it's greatest benefactor. He is associated with people that can bring new fire into our civilization and lives. People I consider with him are those with the ability to help us achieve quantum leaps. From scientists to a poet, painter, teacher of spirituality or ethics. People that use the Spark in them for the greater good.
-Epimetheus, the one that thinks after, who runs forward while looking backward. Reminds you of anyone. Actually it reminds you of almost everyone you might know and even your self in some situations.
-Menoetius, the one that makes rash actions. Actions fulled by anger and rage. Again, remind you of someone...? Exactly. We all have these moments, but some lead lives dominated by this principle.
-Atlas, the one that endures. In my view, he represents the strength that allows everyone else to strive for their own wishes. He is the one that enables the Prometheus to have a plane in which humans can be created and given gifts. In our own time, Atlas is the tide that needs to disperse the veil of the self-supporting status quo and allow the bright light of the fire that the Prometheus will bring.

The metaphor is simple. Atlas needs to ascend and raise the heavens so that Prometheus can rise.

Prometheus-es are all around us. I bet you have friends, family members or colleague that you believe and feel can do either something small or something great for the whole humanity, but they are not able to because they lack the endurance in fields other then the world of ideas. This is where Atlas-es come in and this is why they are needed now.

This is why Atlas is important in the present moment and this is why I will be writing about Atlas-es from the ages passed and about those that might come.

Ouverture and Sanity Eclipse

Welcome to Project Atlas - a place of strange stuff and even stranger thoughts.

In the spirit of that idea I shall share the Monday morning events with ya all.

The back story:
Parting off from a town in another country and heading to my city with 10 hours of driving in a bus, I didn't expect much sleep.
I was to arrive at my home town in the early morning on Sunday so I figured I will be able to sleep on Sunday and Monday to regain some strength and get back on track as soon as possible. Sounds like a plan.
Needless to say that it didn't go so smooth.
Sunday was mostly a restless day since my mind and soul went into overdrive. That I didn't mind, but because of that I have invested all of my hopes of getting some Zzz if I go early to bed and have a very late Monday morning.

And so it begins:
Finally went to bed and in a blink of an eye it's Monday morning. But not an usual Monday morning, at least for most people I know.


I wake up thinking to my self - Ragnarök!
The infernal noises seem do be a castrophany of doom and despair.
The noise persists!
The ground isn't splitting apart, for now. OK, I am safe. Let's look around.
Looking trough the window, what a sight to see. Four dudes with leaf blowers are there with a few other communal workers that are gathering up leafs and other junk that has gathered in front of the building during the snowy winter months.
Damn you! Stop!

Like a trumpets of chaos they just go on and on and on. And then it kicks in - the Sanity Eclipse, something that my close friends are familiar with. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, but if I get deprived of sleep - oh boy are we in for a wild ride!

In that state logical course of action is to go to another room and take an air rifle, go outside in boxers while it's just above freezing and shoot these harbingers of torment.

Luckly (for who), my father was there and he took the rifle of me as soon as I picked it up. He did so even thou I explain I will aim for the machines, not the men.

In this sad ending where no one got shot I went under the shower after closing ever single window and door in the flat and enjoy the absence of any sound but water going over my head.


On a side note - I'm going to continue writing about Sanity Eclipses situations.