Sunday, February 27, 2011

3 down, only 2 more to go... And I don't feel my legs

Saturday was fun. Got up at 8am, went to the university after breakfast, debated until 8pm with a brief lunch break, had organized dinner and off to one of the best clubs in my city!

To make stuff even more interesting, from 10pm till midnight we treated the guests with a ride in one of these wired with disco lights and speakers and loaded with vodka, beer, wine and Red Bull.
Needless to say it was beyond mindblowing.

Then to the electro-house club where most of the people finished off their "get shitfaced drunk" do to reminder. Dancing, laughing and all that. Great fun all in all.

As now is 4am on Sunday and I need to be in 6 hours on my uni for more debates and the finals in the House of the National Parlament, I think I will skip off to bed and try to
get enough sleep to function for 36 more hours.

As for the blog, that means another two days of short posts and little activity. I hope you all forgive me for that. I'll catch up on both mine and yours blog as soon as possible.
Until then, beside sucking moisture off a duck, tell me, if you did Jung personality test, which type are you.

ENTJ, aka ze Fieldmarshal here!


  1. "get shitfaced" --> "sleep a bit" --> "debate".

    Dude, that sounds intense :o If I get less than 4 hours of sleep, I already call in sick the next day. :o

  2. I forgive you ;)

    As for the type: INFJ :)