Saturday, February 26, 2011

2nd party in a row, only 3 more to go...

Another late night/early morning

Damn Yeti, almost got me...

The largest European debating competition has started in my town. As a participant, I will be drawn away from the blog for the weekend but will return in style on Mon/Thu ;)
250 people, 15 countries and great hosts, us!

The motto of the debaters is simple. Debate hard, party harder. I can vouch that people that thought of this only wanted an excuse to travel around with minimal cost, get high, get drunk, engage in coitus and just repeat it all over again. So, if you are from Europe and go to an university, ask around and join this lunatic central :D
Today, an Irish man said in the City Hall in from of everyone + some officials that man should be worth twice as women :D (This house would trade babies in an open market - that was the motion).

So, until I return, I leave you with two thinks.

Again a song and a request.

~If you think that is an interesting topic that I could write about in an interesting/informative/thoughtful/silly way, leave the idea in a comment.

As for a song

I saw a man upon the stairs,
A little man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today;
Gee, I wish he'd go away!

Be well
Stay safe
Don't let the Yeti get ya!

and... Feed my fishes for me ;)


  1. the european debating competition sounds almost like the university games in australia. you make it into a team you travel to some other city and get drunk with 1000's of uni students. the next day the most sober person wins.

  2. "an interesting topic"? How about a debate topic from the event? I'm always game for a good discussion, choose the best one.

  3. Good luck in the debate! Remember, if you believe your right, then your right!

  4. Good morning, cruel world. As you can see, not must sleep is allowed. Saturday and I am up before half past eight.

    JWtech - I see a BIG difference between debating and Uni games.
    "the next day the most sober person wins."


  5. good morning! i cant decide if i need coffee or sleep...

  6. O Lordy...
    u didn't sleep at all...
    Play nice, and don't go scaring people with Green screams again silly...

  7. will checkout if there is a debating club in my university. where are you studying? oh, and have fun partying!

  8. Haha, that Yeti is pretty persistent.