Thursday, February 24, 2011

Treeless forest and Sanity Eclipse

I am not sure if you ever had this wish, my fellow reader, but I know it was on my mind for every birthday for ages.

Image you are a little turtle that builds arrow, Tesla or mortar towers out of trees so you can fend off the hordes of sheep, spiders, bats, rock giants and bumblebee looking things that are trying to eliminate your young
On top of that, since you are a cool turtle, you also like to dance which is rather handy since you upgrade your towers in that manner.

One day, while I was at my best mates flat, I was introduced to the game of my dreams! If I can't be a dancing-tower-building turtle in real life, I can be on the screen and the precious PS3.

Greeting Pixel Junk Monsters!!!

Since I did spend a part of my life glued to a monitor, the tower defense mechanics were easy to grasp, and after 3 levels we decided to reset, start in multiplayer and go for the rainbows. Pretty pretty rainbows that are a sign that you preserved your young fully and totally.

After a few hours we were hitting some harder levels, but nothing too strong. You need a cannon for sheep, arrow for spiders, anti-air for bats, lasers for bumblebees [of sweet bumblebees] and so on.

Then that fateful moment arrived - the Treeless Forest. Since you can only build towers where trees are, this means that the number of trees and their position determins where and how many towers you can build and dance in.

This level had 4. Luckly, the mobs were moving around those trees in an shape of a number 8 (well... it looked like a cross of an 8 and DNA).

For those that skipped my intro post, I tend to fall apart mentally after I suffer even the slightest sleep deprevation.

After MANY trial and errors were were nearing the final boss. Every resource had to be balanced, no second could be wasted. Finally, at around 4am in the morning [I usually get into my Sanity Eclipse mood around 3am] we were about to finish the level with a perfect score. My mate was really annoyed because of my repeated screaming of "BUMBLEBEEeee!!!". We put down the the controllers and were just going to wait as the huuuuge rock golem falls to our barrage of upgraded mortars.
Lots of health and low speed on that dude so the wait was long and took a tool on both of us.

Less then 5cm for the fat fudge packer to go over and its over. 4cm... then so close that his shadow is upon our young, but we can't see his HP on the healthbar


The power went out. Yup, a blackout that did last for the 10 minutes or so.
Progress lost. We sat there for a few seconds thinking that our own minds shut down and that that's the reason for the sudden darkness.

Then - a ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu moment follow by a hysterical laughter that exploded into us both sticking our heads out of the window (5th floor building in the center of my city).

After the power returned we were just looking at each other and laughing how mentally decayed the other one is.

Quite a night, I tell ya!


  1. I would've jumped out that window...

  2. DC said...

    I would've jumped out that window...

    Mee too, lol

  3. I kinda liked howling at 4-5am in more. You let loose AND stay alive ;)

  4. Ooooh, man that does suck to lose progress. I guess it wasn't so bad afterwards though.