Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ouverture and Sanity Eclipse

Welcome to Project Atlas - a place of strange stuff and even stranger thoughts.

In the spirit of that idea I shall share the Monday morning events with ya all.

The back story:
Parting off from a town in another country and heading to my city with 10 hours of driving in a bus, I didn't expect much sleep.
I was to arrive at my home town in the early morning on Sunday so I figured I will be able to sleep on Sunday and Monday to regain some strength and get back on track as soon as possible. Sounds like a plan.
Needless to say that it didn't go so smooth.
Sunday was mostly a restless day since my mind and soul went into overdrive. That I didn't mind, but because of that I have invested all of my hopes of getting some Zzz if I go early to bed and have a very late Monday morning.

And so it begins:
Finally went to bed and in a blink of an eye it's Monday morning. But not an usual Monday morning, at least for most people I know.


I wake up thinking to my self - Ragnarök!
The infernal noises seem do be a castrophany of doom and despair.
The noise persists!
The ground isn't splitting apart, for now. OK, I am safe. Let's look around.
Looking trough the window, what a sight to see. Four dudes with leaf blowers are there with a few other communal workers that are gathering up leafs and other junk that has gathered in front of the building during the snowy winter months.
Damn you! Stop!

Like a trumpets of chaos they just go on and on and on. And then it kicks in - the Sanity Eclipse, something that my close friends are familiar with. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, but if I get deprived of sleep - oh boy are we in for a wild ride!

In that state logical course of action is to go to another room and take an air rifle, go outside in boxers while it's just above freezing and shoot these harbingers of torment.

Luckly (for who), my father was there and he took the rifle of me as soon as I picked it up. He did so even thou I explain I will aim for the machines, not the men.

In this sad ending where no one got shot I went under the shower after closing ever single window and door in the flat and enjoy the absence of any sound but water going over my head.


On a side note - I'm going to continue writing about Sanity Eclipses situations.

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