Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Thinker and the Prover

Many things that I am going to write will be influence by the great work of Robert Anton Wilson "Prometheus Rising". Among the multitude of insights given in this book (which I will cover over time), the idea of separating the Ratio into a Thinker and a Prover really stands out.

"What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves"

Prover is an easy dude to understand - he is in a patter finding/applying business. He needs to be given a pattern to that he can seek moments in our reality to sync them with. For example, earth beneath my feet is flat and isn't moving, while the Sun goes from one side to another. Simple conclusion is that the Earth is flat, that it's static [and maybe in the center of the universe], that the Sun goes around it and that the entity that is Sun has to fight some giant snake that is beneath the Earth, probably somewhere between the elephants and the cosmic turtle.

Now, the Thinker is the interesting one. He is the source of ideas, possible patterns and also the one to gather and sort the info gained from the Prover. Thinker is the one that thinks of a possibility that Earth is flat and on the back of a four elephants which in turn stand on a turtle that swims trough space.

Sounds simple - and it is!
But why is this relevant to you?

Think about it, you and everyone you know have this mechanism in your mind. Well, no big surprise there.
Now, take the next step and try this - When ever thinking about your ideas or principle see why have they formed in the manner they did. What was the Prover out to find and why did the thinker favor that one pattern over another? Also, when ever talking with someone, try to understand their Thinker rather then to approach the conversation as we almost always do - that my Prover is bigger then yours.

Once you have moved pass the idea that the Prover and the pattern at hand is the most important subject and the idea that your Prover is superior to others', you will be able to connect your thinker to the Thinker of a person you are talking to.

When that happens you will be able to meow at your conversational partner and you will still understand each other.


  1. "Also, when ever talking with someone, try to understand their Thinker rather then to approach the conversation as we almost always do - that my Prover is bigger then yours."
    It's hard to realize it, even harder to admit it, but we always do this, don't we?

  2. If your Thinker likes Prometheus rising then your Prover will convince you that that is a great book. So, it is kind of runing in circle with this theory...
    Joke a side, book has a great point on how to change your standard periception and improve it to a new level.

  3. First off great post. Secondly is your back ground pics of the artwork from beetle juice

  4. In my opinion,it`s not the complicated things that are hardest to change/re-learn,but the ones we are most used to.

  5. @Jeebus - The background was from a massive picture folder. Its called insanellytwistedshadow. No idea where I got it

    @Rahman - I agree. This is the issue of hardwiring and how our brains are molded with simple basic stuff like language or calendar. RAWilson did, for example, use quite a bit of different calendars to break that one of the most sillies molds.

    And thx for the support.

  6. Wow very good stuff here keep it up!

  7. This is great, I like to be open minded. I'm gonna try conversing like this. Thanks!

  8. Are these the only forms of thoughts we have?

  9. Thanks for the support, peeps.

    @R1E4H3 - This is not the form of thought but a mechanism. If the question you have posed was directed that that fact, then this is my opinion on the subject.

    Nothing is as simplistic as we think it is while still being far lest complicated that we can imagine it. WtTt,tPp can be considered one of the most omnipresent mechanism of though, but not the only and the finite.

    Hope this answers your question.

    Also - I looked around that the background is connected to a game called Insanelly Twisted Shadow Planet, and it really looks awesome.

    Be well, readers

    And don't forget, suck the moisture from a duck.