Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ascend, Atlas

Why Atlas?

Someone once said that there are two kinds of people in this world. Those that separate people into groups and those that do not.

Personally, I use a lot of "archetypes" on a lot of planes of observation when looking at a person, but one of the most important distinctions I make is the Sons of Iapetus.
Epimetheus, Menoetius and Atlas.
-Prometheus, the one that thinks ahead, the creator of humanity and it's greatest benefactor. He is associated with people that can bring new fire into our civilization and lives. People I consider with him are those with the ability to help us achieve quantum leaps. From scientists to a poet, painter, teacher of spirituality or ethics. People that use the Spark in them for the greater good.
-Epimetheus, the one that thinks after, who runs forward while looking backward. Reminds you of anyone. Actually it reminds you of almost everyone you might know and even your self in some situations.
-Menoetius, the one that makes rash actions. Actions fulled by anger and rage. Again, remind you of someone...? Exactly. We all have these moments, but some lead lives dominated by this principle.
-Atlas, the one that endures. In my view, he represents the strength that allows everyone else to strive for their own wishes. He is the one that enables the Prometheus to have a plane in which humans can be created and given gifts. In our own time, Atlas is the tide that needs to disperse the veil of the self-supporting status quo and allow the bright light of the fire that the Prometheus will bring.

The metaphor is simple. Atlas needs to ascend and raise the heavens so that Prometheus can rise.

Prometheus-es are all around us. I bet you have friends, family members or colleague that you believe and feel can do either something small or something great for the whole humanity, but they are not able to because they lack the endurance in fields other then the world of ideas. This is where Atlas-es come in and this is why they are needed now.

This is why Atlas is important in the present moment and this is why I will be writing about Atlas-es from the ages passed and about those that might come.

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