Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Freedom of Choice!

Many of the people did struck a nerve while commenting about this topic, but no one did really say in the simplest of ways or the way that is nearest to reality.

A choice needs to be picked, that much is clear. For a choice to be picked, it needs to provide some incentive for us to pick it. For it to be appealing, it needs to correlate with our interests. The best way for something to correlate with us and to suite us is if we mold it and create it. So without further a due, I give you a six word wonder!


Look around you, almost everything you see has been created and designed by someone else, even your physical foundations are not "yours". Most of the choices you pick in your life have been created for you. What to order, what bus to take, for who to vote, or even what words to use to describe our inner world to others. Two to four buttons on a mouse, aound 105 buttons on the key board. All these things have been made for you and for everyone else and yet people often don't care to innovate for they are unsure if others will understand it. Also, something I will explain, FoC can go hand to hand with predetermined factors or peer/social pressure. I will explain how.

Hold the news readers nose squarely waiter or friendly milk will come to mand my trousers

~The freedom of choosing to adapt.
Why isn't FoC the ability to do what you want, when you want. Simply because when you say "what and when I want" you are most probably talking about not your own wants and needs but excluding others expectations in regards to your own behavior. What most people fail to understand, and we have the public education system to thank for this, is that life is an organic phenomenon, not a linear one. This means that if you start from a point A, you don't have to follow a predetermined line of living to arrive at B, C and D.

I want to go to Ш and Њ for petty sake. And you can go trough life doing just that. Setting your own path. With this idea, you come to understand that peer pressure isn't preventing you from making some choices but simply pushing you off to some favored by the mob. And no matter how strong that pressure is, it's still not prevention.
On top of that it is by your free choice that you agreed upon being pushed by the social dynamics. Your choice to let others make choices for you. Your choice and therefor your blame if you end up somewhere where you don't feel comfortable. You are fully aware of the benefits and the malefits of going with the stream, against or using it to get somewhere faster. Why we do this has been explained in "On the Social Contract" by Rousseau.

~The tyranny of Nature.
If you believe that what you see and perceive is what you get (WYSIWYG) then be aware that you have accepted the tyranny of Nature and it's laws, as well. You won't be able to levitate on your own or instant teleport your self with a thought. If you believe otherwise, like I do, act upon it and break the chains of the physical reality.

Conclusion. Freedom of choice is at the tip of the fingers, just reach out. Because of this, be aware that ever choice you make is your own, either by creating or choosing to follow a premade choice.
Live with your choices, enjoy the successes, love others, reap the benefits and don't die with regrets.

Be well, reader



    So simple yet so elegant. :o Dude, you just blew my mind. :o

  2. Regrets, I've had a few, to few to mention......sorry!

  3. debating with you based on a human rights story - priceless :D

  4. Comrade Ivana, about what human right are you talking about ;)

    @RRousell, I see you did it yooooouuur waaaay :D

  5. freedom of choice is not do what ever you want, but to do those thing that you do not want. You always have a choice, and sometimes it is not the choice that you like, but you still go on and do it because it is better then the alternative option instead of not doing anythnig at all.
    All in all just make the best you can the way you want to.

  6. Heya love. While I do agree that it's one of part of the FoC idea, the creation and therefor the ability to have another choice other then the one you don't want to make covers that as well.

    <3 :*

  7. Always loved Rousseau's work, very deep and calming.