Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eyes of men. Eyes of women.

Say you are a man. Go to google or where ever and seek out a nice artistic and sexy picture of a female. Look at her, admire her curves, the smile, the hair and drool a bit if you must. She is perfect in every way, from head to toe, cute cheeks, nice little nose, pinkish lips and other stuff, lovely hips and she farts flower petals.
How did she get to the point of the photoshoot? Well, she just did. She was born and twenty or so years later there she is. When you try to imagine stuff from there, it's kinda hard because you always return to the point of that picture and you need to start over.

Now make a paradigme shift. You are in a state of a female mind, and if you can't really understand it, don't worry, no one does. You are a female and you are looking at a picture of a male model. You can see you self going over his body and from what I have heard women do find it easier to advance from one picture to a series of mental ones with ease. Also, you are aware of all the work that went into him. Diets, sessions in the gym and other workouts, a fresh shave and stuff like that. From the thing he did five years ago to the parfume you imagined he put on seconds before.

For a man observing a woman the "product" that she is now is pure genes and some work.
For a woman, it's the other way around for they are more able to see the transformative potential. I attach that to the miracle of transformation that happens in women.

As the mating game goes this always repeating phenomenon of duality has some interesting effects.

First off, females either have "it" or don't in the eyes of the men. Fake spunk isn't something that can pass with every male that has any traces of self-confidence but still... All this does leave men vunerable to illusions since what she is at that moment must be mostly natural. Our somewhat atavistic bits us on the ass. We seek out appealing shapes and paterns in the body of the opposite sex and sometimes we get enticed with more marketing then true value.
Guys on the other hand shouldn't excel in being OVERLY buffed for that can be an indication of lacking in other areas or possibly of spending too much time for one activity so other ones suffer. Don't be too fancy because you will look like someone who spends hours in front of a mirror. Don't talk too much, but maintain the conversation. Don't be a smartass, but show me you know your way around many fields of mental improvement. Don't lack, don't over do it!

I know... Damn women :D

Bottom line is.

Men seek idols.
Women seek well rounded pack.

For these reasons men have a set list of desired attributes and can be endiced by illusions while women don't actually know exactly what they want. This further on results that females seek out the morphing potential and yet enough stiffness (pun intended) so that she can see if you are in that section of the attributes she wants.

If you lack in some area, show her it's not because you are lazy, but because you exceled in other fields. Demonstrate your true value!
If you, as a girl, lack the ability to be made into an idol, and I am not talking about only physical visage, tough luck. Lower your standards or pray on those not aware of their true value :D

Final note: There are no leagues, but guys be picky, just because you can!



  1. Interesting pose. I've never really thought that that's how women look at men. Naturally I'm accustomed to the way men look at women in their idol form, and always thought that women reciprocated the same desires.

    Very nice post and great blog. I'll be sure to return.

  2. I am very well rounded on the internet.

  3. Truth. We do seek a well rounded pack, right Jesse?

  4. Interesting perspective, never really thought about it like that tbh

  5. "Demonstrate your true value!", "There are no leagues."

    Can't stress these enough.

  6. It's just evolution doing what it does.
    Men need to reproduce and burn out while women need to survive to tend to the offspring.
    Which explains why women have a slightly longer life span then men.
    All those curves and shapes say, 'I'm very fertile'
    While a man needs to be more rounded to defend, feed and tend to overall needs.

  7. Maybe I do agree with the guy part. I sometime try to find flaws in women.

  8. I do agree. But I'm alpha, so I don't even have to try.

  9. "women don't know what they want"
    Truest comment I've read all year so far.