Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spaced out. Space in you.

When faced with the travel from the center of the city towards the suburbs where I live or when ever I do move in the large crowds without the headphones, I often turn my 1st mind off and kinda stop caring about the patter seeking Thinker.

When I do this I notice a nice rhythm in almost everything around me. It's the Thinker of the 2nd mind seeking patters that I really don't have to relate to. It's seeking patterns for the fun of seeking them. Nothing else. They don't have to mean anything, just be there. And from this noise nice sounds emerge. It's funny how stuff that are not meant to be musical sounds can become that for their only nature is that they are sound and we, the silly humans, try to mold them into categories for no reason at all.

Here are some examples on how this kind of sounds, cutouts can be combined into something great, amusing, relaxing and even nostalgic. Hope you enjoy.

How do you like these?
Do you know similar artists?


  1. Im subscribed to the guy who did "Wishery".
    God he is amaaazziing.

  2. Try Avalanches.. they make similar stuff.

  3. nice remixes, I think I'll donwload htem to my mp3.

  4. I like the "Wishery", definitely interesting... but meh.

  5. Agree with PekkaK Avalanches sound almost the same.

  6. On the point of our minds categorizing things into patterns for no reason at all. It's interesting that you say this, because our minds do that as that ability is absolutely essential to our survival.

    Categorizing speech patterns let us understand what people are saying on a level deeper than just the words their speaking. Categorizing traffic patterns lets us subconsciously know that the car x distance away is not going fast enough to hit us before we cross the street. Recognizing particular sounds that cause fear (like in horror movies) lets us know that we have to get away from the source of the noise. (Interestingly, we have an uncanny ability to recognize a truly fearful human scream, something that can be very useful in getting away from whats making that scream happen).

  7. i think that all levels of the mind are looking for patterns. it makes things make sense. relates to finding order in chaos. if you look at the feigenbaum fractal, it's actually possible to find "order" in it